Crack and Activation Code Other How to Download PES 2012 for Free [2022]

How to Download PES 2012 for Free [2022]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is a great football video game. With 2000 seconds of motion capture data, the game makes use of the best inertia and motion capture technologies in the world to realize player technical moves and give players the impression that they are actually in the game.

PES 2011 has been significantly improved upon in this game, which boasts superior gameplay and visuals. PES 2012 has a lot to demonstrate. To have any chance of winning this year’s competition of soccer simulators, the series must make up a lot of ground lost to EA’s FIFA at the moment.

If you are here to download PES 2012 for free in 2022, then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will tell you about the game and how to download it in detail. Keep reading until the end if you want to find out how to download PES 2012 for free on your PC. So, let’s get started.

Improvements In PES 2012

The gameplay and teamwork aspects of PES 2012 have seen the largest changes, enabling players to take advantage of tactical chances. A new AI engine has also been included for a more realistic team play experience. Attackers and defenders move together more seamlessly, enabling players to make mistakes intentionally.

 Moreover, players can now choose a teammate from anywhere on the field, thanks to a new cursor-switching mechanism. There is improvement in jostling, and more realistic player impacts are also included. Additional updates include increased lighting effects, an updated dead ball system, improved animation, new player styles, and many more.

The New AI System

Let’s now talk about the new AI system and how it works so you can get a better understanding of the game. Both teammates and opponents are made to act more naturally and be more difficult to defeat. Overlapping runs, diagonal runs, fake runs, zonal defense, and zonal marking are the five important areas that have received attention.

In PES 2012, a new off-the-ball sprinting mechanism creates new possibilities and offers you more influence over your squad. While staying in charge of the player with the ball, you may choose an off-the-ball player and have him sprint by using the right analog stick. 

This has complex controls that take some getting accustomed to, but it’s worth it because you can use it to see openings or move defenders about to make space. The defense improved significantly in PES 2012, with teams holding formation considerably better when attacked. 

Now it feels more sensible to defend. Holding a button down no longer suffices to provide pressure on an attacker and steal the ball. When using PES 2012, you must first set the defender correctly before precisely timing your lunge.

PES 2012 appears to make it simpler to generate opportunities than prior iterations due to the offensive unit’s better AI and the defenders’ vulnerability in one-on-one situations, which results in fewer low-scoring games than previously.

Some Other Features

The visuals in PES 2012 have been improved, as is customary with every Pro Evolution Soccer update, and in certain cases, the player likenesses are remarkably accurate. The game’s feel is highly rounded, and the animations are smoother than in FIFA.

Despite not being an exact representation of the finished product, PES 2012’s second demo does a nice job of introducing you to the new gameplay mechanics. Choose between Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Rangers, Club América, or International to play a ten-minute contest. 

To receive practical instruction on the new controls in PES 2012, check out the demo’s challenge-based Training area. Setting up your squad in Pro Evo may be a notoriously time-consuming procedure. 

Thus, it would be beneficial if the setup screens and tactics configuration menus in PES 2012 were more simplified than in the prior iteration. We’ll have to wait and see if these simple tactics options are kept in the final edition.

Moreover, you can create and build a cohesive and unbeatable football squad and coach players to behave better. You can also include several teams, leagues, seasons, stadiums, and players.  So, with these changes, the game is definitely worth playing.

How To Download And Install

Downloading this game is really simple. First, download BlueStacks, as it is the best emulator for PC. Download this app and then click on the given link on this page to download the game after done, double-click on the setup files and follow the setup wizard.

The procedure will be extremely simple, so you won’t have to struggle at all. Just follow the steps, and it will be a piece of cake. If the file needs to be extracted, then simply extract the file to the preferred location. You can use any app for that, but the best one is WinRAR.

Now, simply install the game and play it on your PC by accessing it through BlueStacks, the most trusted emulator for PC. Bluestacks gives you the same android experience on your PC and is completely safe. You can use other emulators, but we recommend using BlueStacks.

Is The Game Safe And Free?

The game is completely safe and free. You can play it without concerns as it is marked by Google Play Protect. So, you can play the game without any worries and download it for free by using the given link.


With the changes, PES 2012 has been improved extremely. It is now worthy enough to play as a hobby. So, you can easily download this iconic game on your PC for free. The game is safe, and the update brought many new features you can try for free.

The graphics and gameplay have been improved immensely. So, now you can play this game more efficiently. Follow the steps explained in the guide and download the game. The steps are extremely simple so you won’t have any issues downloading the game. Download, install and enjoy the game on your PC.

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